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Design and development of LNG Liquefaction systems, Gas Processing Systems, and Related Equipment.
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A Letter from Our President

We Can Make a Difference

It only takes a handful of dedicated individuals working together for a common cause to change the world. At MicroLNG, we have devoted our lives to developing and deploying the most cost effective and reliable small scale natural gas liquefaction systems permissible within the laws of physics and economics. We are refrigeration geeks. We love compression, hate power consumption, and don't mind turning a wrench.

At MicroLNG, we are on a mission to expand the use of low cost and abundant natural gas for three reasons:

  • National energy security
  • Significantly improved emissions
  • Huge cost savings

  • Natural gas is an extremely clean burning and safe fuel. MicroLNG's small to medium scale liquefaction systems provide a very cost effective way to utilize natural gas as a replacement for diesel fuel. LNG is cleaner burning, lower cost, and plentiful. Let us show you how attractive LNG and the MicroLNG systems can be for your operation.

    We strive to give the world with a better environment by switching customers from diesel to LNG. Our staff includes a deep well gas drilling geologist, a Russian engineer and past university professor, a self made millionaire entrepreneur, several patent awardees, and a staff of two dozen design engineers that would love to work on your project. Together, we have designed our own unique natural gas liquefaction technology. Systems are based on field-proven, rugged components with a careful selection for efficiency and reduced cost.

    What makes us better? We custom design each system, but we use standard, cost effective components built for reliability. Our systems can be designed for any gas composition with the right mix of components. There is NOT a "One size fits all" approach at MicroLNG. Instead, we will take the time to analyze your gas and select the best system for your operational needs. We will not try to stuff your project requirements into our standard "box." Instead, we will build the best system for YOUR project using the proven components. Through careful engineering selection and our low overhead, we can provide you with the optimum system at the most attractive price.

    We design and manufacture bespoke refrigeration processors, stabilizers, distillation columns, pretreatment, and storage systems as required for the site. We can also furnish on-site power generation, storage, vaporizors, metering systems, and even financial participation in your project.

    Our engineering team resides in Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Italy, California, and Russia. Our primary fabricator is in southern California. Contact us today to see how much we can help you.

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    Custom Design

    Our equipment is designed for harsh conditions including severe cold, tropical climates, salt corrosion, desert sand, and more. Sizes range from 5000 gallons/day to 250,000 gallons/day or more. Key benefits include:

    • Rugged and reliable
    • Fast lead time
    • Custom designed for your site
    • Easy to service and maintain
    • No mixed refrigerants
    • No refrigerant extraction from process
    • All pretreatment systems are available
    • High BTU gas NGL recovery is available
    • We are your project partner