Natural Gas Processing Industry

Design and development of LNG Liquefaction systems, Gas Processing Systems, and Related Equipment.
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Liquid Natural Gas Equipment

LNG Liquefier Production Units

MicroLNG offers custom designed natural gas liquefaction systems for operation around the world. Systems are designed by our engineering team and built at one of three partner manufacturing facilities in the United Sates. Various designs are available to best fit local weather conditions, mobility requirements, power costs, and the source of the gas. Systems have been designed to operate using pipeline gas, associated gas at oil and gas fields, landfill and anaerobic digester gas.

Systems are available using both compression-based (mixed refrigerant and nitrogen expansion) as well as sacrificial liquid nitrogen. Typical units will range from 50,000 to 250,000 gallons of LNG output per day. Options include engine-driven, turbine-driven, and electric motor-driven compressors, air or water cooling, NGL recovery and separation, and complete pretreatment services to remove water, carbon dioxide, H2S, C5+, mercaptans, oxygen, nitrogen, and other contaminants from the feed gas.

Project Development and LNG Fuel Sales

MicroLNG believes that the best partner is one that will participate financially with you in a project. In addition to being an owner's agent, MicroLNG can provide ongoing finance, operation, and maintenance services. Since an LNG plant is a long term asset, we work with customers to provide the optimal system for low ownership costs, ease of maintenance, and long term reliability.

Often, customers want to try LNG on a small scale before committing to purchase a production system. MicroLNG can provide cryogenic trailer loads of LNG in North and South America, and may be able to provide ISO container shipments internationally, depending on your location. LNG can be shipped economically over long distances. Contact us to see what we can provide for you.

Field Services

MicroLNG's engineers will assist with providing supervision of construction and on-site engineering services. We will train your staff to operate and maintain the equipment properly for maximum output and reliability.

Alternatively, if MicroLNG is functioning as a developer, we will hire contractors and project engineering firms to offer you a complete turn-key liquefaction plant using one of our advanced liquefaction systems.

Design Services

MicroLNG will custom design a liquefaction plant for your site using standardized components. We have many resources at our disposal including pretreatment, various compression methods, several cryogenic heat exchanger designs, and a thorough operating control system. Our systems are modeled in Aspen HYSYS for final design. A typical process includes 90 days for front end engineering design (FEED), which will generate investor grade documentation of the process to be utilized, safety considerations, a construction schedule and budgetary cost estimate, as well as site boundary dimensions.
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